Plugging DIY Mortar Tubes

Fireworks that are launched into the air typically are fired out of mortar tubes, many tubes that come with consumer fireworks are not reusable or are made out of flimsy cardboard. This is why many pyrotechnic enthusiasts like to make their own mortar tubes.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is the safest materials you can choose when making your own mortars for firework shells. While the HDPE tubing itself offers durability through the ability to withstand higher levels of shock and heat, there are safety and performance measures that you need to take when making the mortar. Namely, this step is plugging the bottom of the tube to prevent gases creating during the lift charge from escaping out.

If lift charge gases leak out from the tube during the igniting, your shell will either “flowerpot” and explode in the mortar or not reach full accent before bursting. When using the recommended size HDPE tube (1 7/8″ interior diameter), the plug in the bottom should be made from approximately 1″ thick wood cut to fit the shape. Pre-made plugs are available from some firework supply outlets. However, making you own mortar tube plugs is easy and takes just a small amount of time.

Supplies needed to make HDPE plugs include scraps of wood around 1″ thick, a hole saw with 1 7/8″ diameter, hand-held drill or drill press, and glue. Before you start drilling, stick the drill bit into the tube, just to make sure your finished product is going to fit the tube. Practice makes perfect, so you may have to repeat the drilling process a few times until you get a good plug. After you’ve got the hang of it, you can knock out a bunch of these plugs very quickly – then you’ll have to pop the plugs out of the wood with a screwdriver.

The next step is to push the plugs snuggly down into the tube, making sure there is no loose space around the edges. Use glue to create an air-tight seal between the wood and plastic as well as the pilot hole left in the middle of your plug during the drilling process. However, applying the glue is mainly for air-tightness, not to keep the wood in perfect place. You’ll also need to send a screw or staple-gun staples into the plug from the outside for maximum security; this should be done before the glue completely dries.

Let your newly plugged mortar tubes dry overnight and then you’ll be ready to shoot off plenty of awesome aerial effects at your next pyrotechnic show! Launching fireworks from your mortar tube will be a blast, you’ll feel like a real pro!

How to Get Massive Free Video Traffic on Auto Pilot

Is Free Traffic in Massive Numbers a Myth?

Well. Not Really.

Of course, you will always be paying for traffic one way or another whether it is through hard work and time, or by pulling out a credit card and shelling out the cash for instant results.

But what if you don’t have money to spend right now on traffic tests, or what if you want to test the waters first before spending a bunch of money on traffic?

A lot of people start with free traffic first, and some people have awesome results!

I am a fan of 2 types of free traffic and they are Video Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

Most of the time when people think of “free traffic” the first thing they think of is Google, and getting ranked #1 for search traffic.

Well you will soon see that by focusing on either video marketing or social media marketing you can actually accomplish high Google rankings at the same time, and in some cases much faster.

Video Marketing Explained

Video marketing is becoming quite popular as more and more internet marketers are using it in their marketing portfolios. You can use videos to either repurpose existing content or create brand new advertising videos or commercials for your own blogs or landing pages. These videos not only get several views from the video sharing sites, but they also can rank very quickly in Google and bing.

If you are able to do some preliminary keyword research within the niche or on the product you are promoting you basically just need to set up a bunch of videos that target those keywords.

Making videos and uploading them to the internet can be extremely simple compared to other more labour intensive free traffic methods & best of all your video will continue to get views and clicks with a few simple tricks.

How to Get Started With Free Traffic From Video Marketing

Step 1. You need to have any of the following set up and ready to sell a product.

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Simple Landing page/ Squeeze page
  • Facebook page

You could direct link to the offer if you wanted but it is kind of a waste in the long run since the offer may not be available in the future and all your hard work putting up videos will only send people to a dead link in the future.

By sending the traffic to your own pages this will work much better in terms of getting higher conversions, and even rankings from Google.

Step 2 – You Need to Do Keyword Research & Write 3 or 4 Articles

Using the free Google keyword tool try to find keywords related to your product or niche that have high search volume but low competition.

Once you have 3 – 5 keywords you need to write 3 or 4 articles that will give lots of information about the niche and how the product you are selling is going to solve a problem for the reader, or how the product will make their life easier, or be of extreme value to them.

Don’t try and over sell the product in your articles. You will find that if you write a solid review article that gives all the facts about the product you will get much more success than if you try and over sell the product.

Now place this articles on your blog and link to your affiliate products from their.

You can also place some AdSense ads on your blog, and some other banners related to your niche for some added benefit.

Step 3 – Creating Videos & Distributing Them

Now that your set up to start receiving traffic it is time to generate FREE TARGETED TRAFFIC!

Video marketing involves 2 very important things

1. Creating a nice video that compels people to visit your site, and
2. Mass Distribution

One of the easiest ways to make a video is by signing up for a service that allows you to create videos easily, as for mass distribution many services also exist online that allow you to submit your videos automatically to several video sharing sites.

If you try and set up videos manually and distribute them one by one to each video sharing site you are going to be wasting a lot of time and you might not get the results you need to justify the amount of time you are spending on this method. Therefore I recommend you at least try to use a tool of some sort to help reduce the amount of work involved in getting your videos out there, and getting views to your videos. You can try many of them for free.

The traffic might be free but the work needed to get the traffic can really add up!

That is why you really need to consider using a tool like Traffic Geyser, Animoto, or Article Video Robot to help you.

Things You REALLY Should Know Before Starting Any Video Marketing Campaign for Free Traffic

Many people think as soon as they upload a video to a bunch of sharing sites like You Tube it is going to start getting massive traffic.

The truth is you are not going to get a storm of traffic right away but over a few days your videos could start getting views. They key is to make sure you include your keyword in the title, the description, and in the meta tags so that it can build ranks in Google. You also need to keep producing videos and distributing them and share them in as many places as you can. Keep focusing on the same keywords until you see some improved ranks or views.

If you have a nice video quality you will get better results when people finish watching your video. The best methods for me involved using short 30 second videos to intrigue the viewer or catch their attention. The titles were designed to include the keyword but also get people to watch the video.

People are going to see your video title when they watch other videos since in many sharing sites they always have a “related videos” panel.

So you need to catch their attention.

Example Titles for kw “Make Money Online”

Title: How to Make Money Online (Lame and Boring)
Title: Make Money Online While You Sleep! (Getting Better)
Title: A Super Simple Trick to Make Money Online Fast! (Getting Even Better!)

As you can see you need to keep being creative with your titles, but also include the keyword.

The videos should show images and ask questions about an issue or problem, or even a product, then it would give a couple solutions or facts, then it would tell them to visit for more information and/or a free offer or discount.

For example, within the video itself you need to intrigue the viewer enough to want to click your link in the description, and/or visit your site by typing it into their browser.

(you need to include your link at the end of the video on a slide or as a watermark)

IMPORTANT: You should make sure your video contains a reference to your website, and also include a live link in the first sentence of the description.

Don’t Give Up too Soon…

I would guess that many people give up on video marketing after they have tried to complete and distribute 5 – 10 videos.

At first the results may be dismal but if you stick to it for a month you will be able to get enough data to determine if you are making enough money to justify paying for the video tools above, and taking the time to do the work needed to be successful with this traffic method.

If you’re looking for quick front-page Google rankings for your chosen keywords then video marketing could be your answer.

The rankings can come pretty quick compared to other SEO methods, but you should also know that these rankings won’t last long if you don’t add other things to firm up your overall SEO. This can include good on-page SEO. So those articles you used to build your site should be keyword focused and provide a lot of value to the reader.

While many people report multiple page-one rankings on Google for some relatively competitive search terms, they also report that these ranking only last a few weeks and sometimes a few days.

Many video distribution services can be pricey but they also offer free trials, so try them out for a month and see what results you get.

If you don’t end up needing all the features of the above mentioned services just use TubeMogul instead which is a distribution service for your already made videos. allows you to upload your videos to a wide range of video directories.

It also gives you the ability to track your videos so you can determine their efficiency

Well hopefully this has opened your eyes to a cool traffic method that a lot of marketers are using. Video marketing is huge, and best of all a lot of people who have little experience in traffic generation, can start to see some decent numbers visiting their sites.

Kevlar Tube Downed Pilot Evacuation System Considered

Well, you don’t have to talk to many rescue pilots flying helicopters in the military to realize what a dangerous job it is. It’s one of the most difficult jobs in the military because there are lives at stake, and you must rescue people in distress who may or may not be able to help themselves as much as you need at a time when you may have enemies shooting at you. Not only must you save the downed pilot, but you must also ensure that he or she is not shot up by the enemy as you hoist them aboard – all the while you need someone to return fire, and make sure they don’t hit your helicopter.

What could go wrong you ask, besides everything? Precisely my point, now then, there was an interesting article in Defense Daily on June 3, 2009 titled; “CSAR-X… Canceled for Convenience” by Staff Writers, with an interesting picture of a military rescue helicopter picking up a downed pilot, and hoisting him up while taking a significant amount of fire and dishing out a significant amount returning fire to the enemy during the rescue operation.

Is there a better way to protect the downed pilot as you are reeling them in? I believe so, and I suggest that we build some sort of tube with Kevlar skin, and some sort of a ladder system inside. This could be lowered, and they can grab on the inside, and the outer skin would be lowered around the circular ladder system. Once the individual was fully enclosed the bottom would cover up, and they would be fully protected from any small arms fire, and it would be much easier to get them aboard the helicopter, as they wouldn’t be dangling outside, but they’d be secured inside the tube in an easy to recapture protected structure.

Does it have to be a tube you ask? No, it could also be a small box, or something shaped like a house home plant pot. In the case of the pot, the pilot could merely get inside and sit down. This would decrease the need for height, and make it easier to get inside of the helicopter, and it would protect the pilot all the way up. It seems as if we should come up with a better way to do this, because the systems we have now are not good enough.

Yes, I do have some sketches and more ideas if you’d like to discuss is much higher level. Such a system could also be used for evacuation, Coast Guard rescue, or a number of other things. Please consider this.

Pre Paid Legal Leads, How to Generate Leads on Complete Auto Pilot For Pre Paid Legal

Pre Paid Legal is all about generating leads. Without bringing new people into the business, you will not earn the money that you want.

I am here today to tell you that generating 10-50 new highly targeted, highly interested leads for your pre paid legal business is easier than you think.

If you have been in prepaid legal for any amount of time you have probably heard that you should make a list of all the people that you know and then go out there and talk to them.

I don’t know about you, but that list is not very long for me. Most of the people that I know aren’t really interested in network marketing either. They don’t have the skills, the lists, and the mindset necessary for achieving success in this industry. Most of these people want to see your success before they join the business.

This is the old way of marketing.

The internet is the absolute best way for generating pre paid legal leads. Right now as you read this article there are literally billions of people on the internet, and millions of them are network marketers in search of a new opportunity, or someone to guide them through the growth and development process.

You do not need to be at the top to be able to lead people there. All you have to do is position yourself as a leader and mentor, and people WILL Follow. Face book, Twitter, You tube, these are all great avenues through which you can brand yourself as a leader to start generating pre paid legal leads. The best part about using these tools is that they are absolutely free and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Once you have these people ready and eager to follow you and join your business, that is when you are truly able to excel in this business. Once you learn how to build long lasting relationships you will see a dramatic explosion in your down line.