Business Jets – The Dassault Falcon 2000

The Falcon 2000 is a twin-engine, slightly smaller development of the Falcon 900 trijet. Like the 900 the Falcon 2000 has transcontinental range. Also known as the Falcon X, it is a member of Dassault Aviation’s Falcon business jet line, and was announced in June 1989. It first flew on March 4, 1993 and certification was awarded in November 1994. Four months later the aircraft was delivered to its first customer.

The Falcon 2000 inherits the 900’s wing and forward fuselage, but it was designed with a range of 3000 nautical miles in mind, which is less than the 900’s range. This option removed the need for three engines for long-range overwater flights, allowing the two rear-mounted CFE738 engines to be fitted, which offer considerable maintenance and operational benefits. The 2000 fuselage has a similar damage tolerant design compared to the Falcon 900, although is 6ft 6in. The new fuselage has 66ft 5in length, 63ft 5in wingspan and 23ft 2in height.

Changes to the wing include a modified leading edge and the inboard slats have been removed. The landing gear is retractable, tricycle type, and each unit being twin-wheeled.

The cockpit features a Collins four screen EFIS avionics system with optional Flight Dynamics head-up displays. The instrument panel is fitted with a three-tube Engine Indicating Electronic Display (EIED).

The Dassault Falcon 2000 is powered by two CFE73811B turbofans specially developed for it, allowing a 0.85 Mach max cruising speed at 39,000 ft. The range at 0.80 Mach with eight passengers is 3,000 nautical miles and at 0.75 Mach is 3,125 nautical miles. The max certificated altitude is 47,000 ft; the empty weight is 20,735 lb.

The flight crew consists of two pilots. The cabin can be outfitted to seat up to 12 passengers in a number of custom configurations including club seats and sofas.

A subsequent extended-range version, the Falcon 2000EX, had its first flew on October 2001 and featured more powerful engines, extra fuel capacity and a greater range. The Falcon 2000DX, which is an upgraded replacement for the Falcon 2000, was announced in 2005 by Dassault, promising a range of 3,250 nautical miles, and first flew on June 2007.

The latest upgrade announced is the Falcon 2000LX, which will have a range of 4,000 nautical miles at 0.80 Mach. Blended winglets for increased fuel efficiency, reinforced straps added to the upper and lower wing panels and a reinforced servo actuator door are some of the new features promised.